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If You Can't Stand the HEAT....

The SPURS survived the HEAT in the AT&T arena to win Game 1 despite turning the ball over 23 times. 90 degree temperatures are not the perfect environment for playing basketball, but the game must continue. Can you believe all the conversation about LeBron? Cramps in the 4th quarter prevented the best player in basketball from finishing the game. How can anyone question LeBron not playing due to cramps and compare it to Michael Jordan playing with the flu? Nonsense. No one can play through cramps. I'm sure that he would have loved to finish a game that many thought the HEAT would win. Their goal is to steal 1 of the first two games and return to Miami with home-court advantage. Why risk a muscle tear in an attempt to achieve this? Are critics being unfair to LeBron? Basketball is a team sport and if the HEAT can't compete without LeBron, then they can't win. Who has the stronger bench, San Antonio or Miami?